Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Pack Go!

I used all of my creativity this past weekend on creating designs on mini-cupcakes for the Super Bowl. My boyfriend is a big Packers fan (having grown up in Wisconsin) so I thought he'd get a kick out of these. Check out my mini Packers cupcakes! It must have given the team luck because they WON THE SUPER BOWL!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Non-clashing Konadicure

For this Konadicure I wanted to create something that I could wear through out the week that wouldn't clash with all of my outfits. I came up with this simple black/grey/white manicure using Konad plates M59 and M79. I'm not really happy with how it came out.. I try to stay away from using Black stamping polish (because I think it's the least forgiving), but each time I work with it I get a little better. Now I need to start thinking up ideas for the OC Nail Art's Valentine's Day contest! After all, it IS my Birthday and it would be a wonderful gift to win the $100 gift certificate. I better get started!