Monday, November 22, 2010


For anybody reading this in the New England Area there is a Konad Nail Art stand at the Rockingham Park Mall in Salem, NH. 

It's a stand located near the DEB and Icing Stores on the first level. This is exciting news as this is the first location in YEARS that has been local! Prices are normal $6.99 for image plates, however if they do not have the image plate that you need they can special order it and it will be there within TWO days. I can't wait to get more Konad items, WHOO!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall inspired Mani & Pedi!

OC Nail is hosting a Konad Fall pedicure contest through their Facebook page until November 30th and I was anxious to try this one out! The winner will receive a NEW Konad French Premium Kit ($79 value)! What an awesome prize.

For my entry I thought about what 'Fall' meant to me, and how it could best be translated to my nails using the Konad supplies I own. I wanted to stay away from greens/red/yellow's because although leaves and trees came to mind instantly I imagined lots of entries would be based around these colors. After thinking about it I came up with a simple idea that involved two shades of brown and victorian/bow print. I grew up in New Hampshire so the nail design I decided on remind me of wearing sweaters on cool Fall days.

Check out the cut to see details on my Pedicure and matching manicure for my 2010 OC Nail Art Fall Pedicure contest!

Holiday gift idea!


Sephora by Opi created this AWESOME mini-nail polish gift set for the holidays. At only $48 this is a great way to get your hands on some of the hottest shades at a fraction of the cost. Head over to to get yours. I'm hoping Santa will leave this under my tree!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snow is around the corner! A Winter Wonderland Manicure

Hello from Salt Lake City! Today I drove from Cheyene, WY to Salt Lake City, UT and on the drive saw mountains that were already filled with snow! That gave me the idea to feature a snowflake manicure in anticipation of Winter and the snow that is around the corner (for most of us anyway). I haven't purchased the Konad snowflake plates yet so I used my BM14 image plate from Bundle Monster for this one. Check the cut to see the finishing touches on my winter wonderland manicure.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pink and sparkly things

I'm writing today's blog from my hotel room in Broomfield, CO. For those of you who don't know me my work requires me to travel 100% of the time and a suitcase isn't the best place to host a Konad image plate collection. Because of this I've been forced to bring only my favorite plates along for the journey and collect polishes on my off days. At the end of November I will return home to my full nail polish collection and all of my plates. HOORAY! But for now I'm forced to work with what I've got so tonight I've gone with a basic pink/sparkle french tip manicure with light pink stars. Very girly! and simple enough that anybody can do it. Check the jump to see today's Konadicure!