Monday, November 1, 2010

Pink and sparkly things

I'm writing today's blog from my hotel room in Broomfield, CO. For those of you who don't know me my work requires me to travel 100% of the time and a suitcase isn't the best place to host a Konad image plate collection. Because of this I've been forced to bring only my favorite plates along for the journey and collect polishes on my off days. At the end of November I will return home to my full nail polish collection and all of my plates. HOORAY! But for now I'm forced to work with what I've got so tonight I've gone with a basic pink/sparkle french tip manicure with light pink stars. Very girly! and simple enough that anybody can do it. Check the jump to see today's Konadicure!

My pink and sparkly manicure started with two coats of Wet n Wild's Break the Ice (that I got at the grocery store for $.99)!

Next I painted my tips free hand with a coat of pink nail polish from Color Club. For this step I did not use the Konad french tip nail plate (however that would work well with this). After I was finished the pink tips I went over them with a coat of dark pink/silver/blue sparkles called Glitz from Wet n' Wild (also $.99 at the grocery store).

Next I used a mixture of Color Club (Pink) nail polish and Konad Special White nail polish to stamp stars from the Bundle Monster BM14 image plate onto each nail. (Normally I would use my Konad Special pink polish but because I am traveling I did not have this with me). The finished product looks like this:

It's a very simple and girly manicure. There's very little skill level involved and anybody can have fun with this. I am going to try this manicure again when I have my Konad Unicorn plate with me. I think it would look wonderful stamped on each nail!

Until next time.. Happy Konad-ing

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