Thursday, January 27, 2011

What inspires me: Japan!

FINALLY it's here! A new Konadicure I've created inspired by my love for the color pink combined with the Japanese S09 plate. I would love to tell you what color I used for the base of my manicure however it isn't a name brand and lacks a label of any kind (I bought it at Ross Dress For Less in a pack of 8). For now I'll just called it flower pink.

Base: 2 coats Flower Pink
Plates: M57, S09
Polish: Pink Pearl, White Konad Stamping Plolish

Details: Stamp M57 lace design with Pink Pearl stamping polish, remove the middle of the design using a Qtip coated in nail polish, next stamp S09 flower design with white stamping polish.

Hopefully this Konadicure will spark my inspiration to try other designs this week!


  1. That's so pretty and really reminds me of Spring!! :)

  2. Where did you buy this Japanese plate?? Do you have more of this? Could you show me this plate please?

    Regards from Spain!

  3. Hi Bambaki83, It's the S09 Konad plate and you can get it through their website or my favorite re-seller OC Nail Art at:

  4. This is a very cute design, I will definitely try it myself :) Thank you for the inspiration :)

  5. this desing is very pretty.I've made new blog about nail desing how is it?